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ZenTactics.comZenTactics is an online resource in which information specifically geared towards child abuse survivors is published. That is, it is not a website that plays out a general personal development role, but a website aimed at a specific group of individuals.

Its objective is aiding all survivors and enabling them to lead happy and authentic lives.

The site was founded by a person who experienced some of the issues related to recovery firsthand, and that makes it all the more poignant and relevant. A wide collection of free articles especially aimed at helping child abuse survivors is offered on the site. The issues that are dealt with range far and wide, and these include how to handle depression and articles on how to successfully achieve emotional healing.

Ultimately, the site plays out a very fulfilling role. As it was said before, it is not another general self-improvement website like the many you can find on the WWW today. Don’t get me wrong, these sites are excellent. But this one takes an approach of its own since it is wholly focused on helping and inspiring all abuse survivors to reclaim the happy and successful lives that they were meant to have to begin with. In Their Own Words

“ZenTactics simplifies the process of personal development for child abuse survivors in recovery.

And by simplify, I mean help point you in the direction you need to go to keep your recovery moving forward. I’ve spent way too much time reading self help books and surfing the Internet looking for information to help those of us recovering from abuse. I got tired of buying self improvement material intended for a mass audience, and not specifically tailored to child abuse survivors.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a truly different and fresh approach to the personal development field, since the focus is placed on a specific issue and every aspect is dealt with.

Some Questions About

Is a forum provided for people to narrate their experiences?

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