ZenSender.com – Email Campaigns For Dummies

ZenSender.comRemember when email marketing campaigns where more than just spam? Where are the days when respectable companies would tell you about their product through email? I don’t really know where they are, but Zensender.com is trying to bring them back.

With this innovative service, you’ll be able to create, send, and measure the success of your email marketing campaign. The great thing about the site is that you only have to pay when you send the emails. For instance, you can spend months creating the perfect campaing, and if you decide you don’t want to do it, then you won’t have to pay a dime for using the site.

After you send the campaign, you’ll be able to track how effective it was, allowing you to see if your money was well spent. If you own a startup that’s based on sales, you’re going to love this service. It’s easy to use, and quick to set up, so you don’t need to be a marketing wiz to get the most out of it.

ZenSender.com In Their Own Words

“Sign up & start sending amazing email campaigns”

Why ZenSender.com It Might Be A Killer

Email campaigns might be considered spam by most, but if you take the risk, then this is the site for you.

Some Questions About ZenSender.com

Do people still use email campaigns? How can they measure them accurately? ZenSender.com