Tap Into Higher Productivity With Zenkit

Trying to pick a tool to improve your productivity/manage tasks/collaborate can be job ten times more challenging than the actual work you’re trying to get done. Not to mention expensive. You pick a tool and realign your business to put it to best use, only to find something you like better a short time after.


What if you could avoid the choice altogether and you could use a tool that changes as you need it to? Well, now it exists. It’s called Zenkit, “…the platform you’ve always wanted for your ideas, your projects, your business.”




With Zenkit, you have the best of all worlds. Lists, calendars, tables, Kanban boards, analytics, etc. – however you need to see your data, you can. And you have the freedom to change the view whenever you need, as best suits each project.


The Zenkit is designed to allow you to intuitively manage your data. It’s a complete database system that affords you a holistic understanding of your business while also allowing you to accomplish any number of tasks easily.


Here are just some of the Zenkit features designed to let you manage your data as you like:

  • Custom Fields – Every single field is customizable to a granular level, so you can track anything you need to.
  • Advanced Filters – Drill down quickly to find exactly what you’re looking for. Save favorite filters for one-click search.
  • Bulk Actions – Add, remove, or replace the value of any field in multiple items.
  • Aggregations – See aggregations for any number field in any view for a quick overview of your data.
  • Formulas – Create formulas using any number field or reference to connect, combine and analyze data from any collection.
  • References – More powerful than just a link. Connect related items to keep your data in sync.
  • Database – Create a completely custom relational database that’s as easy to use as a to-do list.
  • Attachments – Attach any number of files, images and videos to your cards.
  • Search – Find anything quickly using global search of your entire Zenkit, including archived items.
  • Multi-Select – Select multiple items in any view to apply bulk actions to multiple items.
  • Zapier Integration – Connect hundreds of apps to Zenkit with Zapier zaps. Use zaps to trigger actions in Zenkit.
  • Enterprise – Zenkit supports enterprise security, onboarding and user management.

Some more good news: though feature rich, Zenkit is easy to use. Simplicity is at the heart of the platform, allowing users to instantly use the full suite of features without enduring tutorials or system overhauls. You can use Zenkit to power your workflow as little or as much as necessary.


Choosing a productivity tool shouldn’t be an agonizing process. Zenkit makes the choice easy. Learn more at zenkit.com.


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