Zeeyoo.com – A Smooth Way To Arrange Meetings

Zeeyoo.comThis new site will be of interest to businesses and individuals alike. Essentially, it is a web-based solution for arranging meetings and related events using tools like a smart address book and an intuitive calendar that takes care of most of the tricky bits itself.

Besides, automatic synchronization of meeting dates with Outlook is taken into account so that everybody can be notified instantly should any change of plans be forthcoming.

Further tools include an event sheet with all the facts and figures as regards the event, while a cockpit is provided for you to know who is attending and who is not.

An event can be arranged free of charge, but paid plans do exist and come with a wide range of functionalities including the ability to employ templates as well as a complete history of past events. These two paid plans go by the names of “Premium” and “Company”. You can see them compared side by side on the section named “Features” and figure out if they are what you need, or if the free version will suffice for the time being.

Zeeyoo.com In Their Own Words

“Organize meetings simpler and faster – for business and private use”

Why Zeeyoo.com It Might Be A Killer

The range of features on offer is certainly commendable, and that might make it stand out a bit from the crowd.

Some Questions About Zeeyoo.com

Where does this company hail from? Has it already released other products? Zeeyoo.com