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Zeadoo.comDon’t you just hate searching for content on the web, and having to browse through multiple sites? If you do, then you should see what you can do with With this free service, you’ll be able to browse many sites at once, making it a lot easier to find information. You can import your bookmarks, so you can stay within the sites you know and trust. If through your search you find a site you want to keep visiting, you’ll be able to bookmark it using the site. Bookmarking through the service allows you to have access to all your favorite sites from any computer.


All of this wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t share what you find with other users of the service, making this a great communal web browsing experience. If you still haven’t tested out the goodness of communal web surfing, then you have to try it out with In Their Own Words

“Zeadoo. One click away!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It works perfectly, and adds a lot to the web surfing experience.

Some Questions About

Will people care for this? Is it that original of an idea?

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