ZdotB.com – Keep Track of Your Status

ZdotB.comZdotB comes from the German word Zustandsbericht, meaning status report. At ZdotB, you basically can write status reports to your heart’s content.

A status report basically comes from users entering a form with their current situation. The form includes room for answers to questions such as your current mood, the weather, what you’re eating, drinking, watching, listening to, reading, playing, wearing, how your health is, your apartment (?), your vacation (again ?), a quote of the day, a question of the day, and a greeting for your readers. You can also choose a pelangi (basically a smilie face that you can choose to display how you’re feeling visually) and enter your mood according to a percentage. Each user gets their own page that lists all of the status reports they’ve ever written. If you find a particular writing interesting, you can add them as a friend to keep updated with their status reports. You can also add comments supporting or answer the questions of various readers. It’s basically a far more detailed twitter/journal to keep track of how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to.

ZdotB.com In Their Own Words

” Well…What is a status report? Right! A report about your status! ZdobtB gives you the possibility to tell people all over the world in detail whats going on with you.

As a ZdotB member you’ll get your own report page and subdomain. There you can find all your written reports. You can add ZdotB-friends to your friendlist, so that you can visit their report pages anytime.”

Why ZdotB.com It Might Be A Killer

Apparently these status reports have been popular and just needed their own site (I’m guessing more in Germany than in the US). It’s a cute looking site that’s easy to browse through. For the people that enjoy putting up surveys in their MySpace profiles, this would be a site they’d enjoy.

Some Questions About ZdotB.com

Will people use this when Twitter’s a lot easier to use and takes two seconds to enter? Some of the status report entry topics really don’t make much sense, is this just a translation problem from German to English? Could they make it more social with more detailed profiles and an easier way to find people you may be interested in following? ZdotB.com