– Social Network for Change

Zazengo.comZazengo is a new social network that hopes to take the best features of social networking and turn them into tools that can help the earth. Individuals can sign up and then start searching for current projects that match their interests and location.

Organizations are able to better organize and coordinate their actions by finding volunteers and sharing and improving self-organization. Sponsors are able to search through the current causes and organizations on Zazengo and find an ideal fit for their philanthropic intentions. Finally, advertisers, who are an engine for all social networks these days, are able to target their advertising to a very high level given that members of Zazengo are already a pretty targetable group. In Their Own Words

“Zazengo brings together organizational know-how with grass-roots energy to transform my social network into an engine for impact – the impact that I define. As an Individual – Create a summary of your impact in the world by using Zazengo to manage, join and find projects that match your interest, location and strengths. Register here.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

By taking all of the best parts of social networking and putting them to a good cause, this may become the favored portal for all environmentally concerned citizens. Zazengo have done a great job of designing this portal for individual, organization, sponsor and advertiser segments.

Some Questions About

Are people ready to join another social network or will they just continue to organize their social causes from other popular portals like Facebook?