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Zaxino.comZaxino is a simple website which could basically be categorized as a “mini-blog” or an “online diary”. Users come to the site and post their daily observations, thoughts, or complaints, and share them with other users in the social network.

Users create a mini-profile complete with a picture or photo which details the number of posts you have made, when you made, them, where you’re from, etc. Users can identify a “good” post by clicking on the “good” button below it, and if they like a certain post enough they may choose to “follow” that particular user, meaning the site will keep track of their most recent activity for you. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed and install the widget to display your Zaxino on your blog or webpage. Site registration is free and universal, though the majority of the site operates in Arabic. In Their Own Words

“Zaxino is a web site to save and publishing your daily events! yes,its similar to a can send short messages to Zaxino and publish your daily works and events.
you have a personal page and address to publishing your daily events.sent items will show at Zaxino’s home page and every body can see that!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Zaxino is simple, so it might be a good starting point for those who have never maintained a blog. The “follow” option makes it easy to see who has recently updated their profile or posted.

Some Questions About

Zaxino is way behind in terms of features and publicity in comparison to other blogging sites. It offers nothing new and user options are extremely limited, so how does it expect to catch up with larger social networks and blogs? The site is currently only popular among those in the Arabic-speaking world; do they want to expand to other regions?