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Zaptxt.comZapTXT is not a new site however they’ve recently completely revamped their offering in their new version 2. For those that aren’t familiar with ZapTXT, it is a service that allows you to get time-sensitive data sent directly to you via IM, Email, and on your mobile device.


Basically, ZapTXT allows you to enter RSS feeds, filter them with keywords, and have them sent to the device of your choice in near real-time. The possibilities are endless, keep on top of Craig’s List jobs or up-to-date with what your friends are up to via RSS feeds for sites like FriendFeed or LinkedIn. Bloggers or website owners can also add the ZapTXT widget to their site and allow readers to get notified when ever you post something that they are interested in. In Their Own Words

“Never miss critical time sensitive data. a sales lead, movement in your accounts, a competitor edging in on your turf or a price break on a gadget. ZapTXT tracks and discovers critical information that you can’t afford to miss and notifies you via IM, Email or Mobile Device.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ZapTXT is a proven technology and its newest release should become popular amongst a variety of segments of the population. The ability to better manage RSS feeds including filtering, is a great way of limiting what you do have sent to the device of your choice without missing anything important.

Some Questions About

How does ZapTXT make money offering this service? Is this another case of a company offering to take care of your information needs for you so that they can target advertising at you at a later date?

Author : Caroline Bright

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