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ZappyDate.comZappy Date is the newest speed dating site to hit the Web. Here, people can chat anonymously with other individuals that are looking for romance, and if they find the person they are chatting with boring then they can skip him/her over by just clicking a button.

In order to use Zappy Date, you must log in via Facebook Connect. You are not required to create an account from scratch just to use this website. If you have a Facebook profile then you will be able to start messaging right away.

And while the chat itself is anonymous by nature, you can choose to have your profile picture shared with the person you are talking with. So, if you want to bid your time and go bit by bit you will be able to do it. You will be allowed to reveal who you are only when you feel confident, or when the other person has wowed you with a quote worthy of Oscar Wilde and you wish to know what he/she looks like. Revealing a little more about who you are is the right way to know who he (or she) is. In Their Own Words

Zappy Date is speed dating with a twist! Chat in realtime with potential partners (anonymously, as long as you want) and share your profile picture when appropriate.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is fun to use, and the fact that you can become connected using Facebook also means that it is fast.

Some Questions About

Which features are forthcoming?