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Zapd.comWith its ability to let you turn any memory into a website, Zapd stands as a really distinctive solution for the distribution of user-generated content, and one that can bring down a good couple of preconceptions.

Using Zapd, no longer will a person need to know how to code or how to handle content a la WordPress or Blogger in order to post what he wants to share with others. This iPhone application will let you choose a theme and have a site automatically generated. You will be able to upload anything that you have captured using your mobile there – pictures, videos, audio… to a large extent, the idea is to let you share what you captured on the fly in an equally dynamic way. Getting a Zapd website together should not take you longer than 60 seconds.

In this way, documenting any trip becomes not only easier but also a lot of fun. After all, who wants to look after a blog in the middle of his long-deserved vacation? Zapd enables anybody to share everything without having to spend more than a couple of minutes at worst. In Their Own Words

Websites in 60 seconds from your iPhone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is one of the smoothest solutions yet devised for the posting of original content.

Some Questions About

What about other mobiles? Are we seeing equivalent apps released anytime soon?

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