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Through the magic of a mobile phone, you can post videos, photos, and text updates to your page on Zannel and invite people to view them. Give people the up-to-the-moment 411 on your feelings, whereabouts, and discoveries. Others can view your updates from their mobile or pc and then start a conversation with you. Viewers can add comments and communicate with members but they must register to do so. All users have a profile attached to their posts and there is a family friendly filter you can turn on/off to protect users under 18 from seeing adult content (you must register and be over 18 to turn family friendly filter off). Joining Zannel is free but they suggest that users use an unlimited plan on their mobile phone since it is data intensive service. In Their Own Words

” ZANNEL is about life in real time – a place where you and your friends can share what you’re doing, feeling, and seeing as it happens in your lives.With Zannel, you post video, picture, or text updates with your phone to instantly share with your friends and start a conversation. You can also follow friends, meet new friends, and watch videos — on your phone and at all the places you live your life. Based in San Francisco, California, Zannel has built the first large-scale mobile instant media messagingâ„¢ platform. Founded by the team who built the largest mobile media platform in North America, we’re backed by U.S. Venture Partners and Palomar Ventures.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a fun new way for friends to keep in touch and share experiences as they occur. With instant video, photos, and texts long distance friendships are made more convenient and profound.