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Zag.comZag wants to help you buy your car online. Bearing in mind the fact that over 67% of consumers do internet research before buying a car, Zag aims to help customers do the majority of their car buying purchase online – from searching, pricing, selection, accessorizing, financing, etc. Lower prices is one of the advantages this site offers, but there’s still more to it.

As Harry Beckwith, the number one marketing guru writes, every buying process always involves some kind of fear. Fear that the product or the service won’t work out fine once you took it away from the store, fear that the seller isn’t telling you the truth, fear of not having made the right choice. But of course, this fear is not the same if you are about to buy a paperback copy of some bestseller for the weekend or if you are thinking about your next car.

Enters for – at least – taking out the fear when buying a car. The key of this added confidence is that Zag provides service for buyers and car dealers. It is not a selling website, but a place that brings together both parties, such as Transparency is the main idea to achieve that goal. Both parties get the same information, so buyers can check different prices in different markets for the car they are planning to buy, whereas dealers find more buyers than they would if they where not using the site’s service.

Zag has partnerships with dealerships and financial institutions where a pre-negotiated price is offered as the final cost of the car (using Kelley’s new car blue book value rather than the MSRP), as well as online financing opportunities, thus possibly making the car buying/selling process simpler and easier for the buyers and sellers. The company was named as one of the “Hot 100” by Entrepreneur Magazine and they have raised a total of $47 million in VC funding. In Their Own Words

“Zag helps people to buy cars. The purchase of a new or used automobile is one of the most time consuming and frustrating processes that we all share. We don’t believe it has to be that way. Buying your next vehicle should be a great experience.

Zag is a technology and services company that operates a robust auto shopping, research and pricing technology that allows users to get the information and up-front pricing they need in order to be in control of the process and get a great deal. Zag works closely with a select nationwide network of premium dealers that have agreed to provide up-front discounted pricing and a no-hassle delivery process. Zag’s participating dealers have made this special arrangement because Zag works only with large affinity groups and national brands. These organizations do the work of promoting and branding this experience, which removes much of the traditional fear factor from the buying process.

Zag puts the power of these large national trust-marks to work for the benefit of their members and the dealers. The result is a better car buying experience for customers and a steady source of incremental business for our dealer partners.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This company has already proved itself a major player in the ecommerce market with significant capital, partnerships, and corporate recognition. This site is already successful and will likely only grow in use and popularity.

Some Questions About

Do people use this site to buy their cars online? There is significant capital invested in the business, but have they been successful in recruiting and retaining customers? I didn’t see any customer testimonials…are there any?