– Promote Your Brand The Social Way is an online platform that combines the features of social media, marketing, e-commerce, blog marketing and perception marketing in order to create what is termed “a synergy for the Brands, the Brandits (bloggers) and Netizens (online citizens)”.

This platform focuses on conversation, online recommendation, online distribution and it aims to help brands promote and reach targeted online consumers via a network of branding bandits (the above-mentioned Brandits and Netizens).

The site has just launched, and brands are signing up right now. Promotions are set to start rolling in shortly. You can sign your company for free right now, and you can also become a netizen without having to pay anything.

The approach is quite interesting (though not that unique). It will be interesting to see the traction the concept can gain, and the effect it can actually have on the world of e-commerce as we know it. Join the site and see where it does stand for you, and whether your brand’s passion is as strong on others as it is on you. In Their Own Words

“Share your brand’s passion.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a resource combines the best of many technologies and concepts in order to provide brands and customers with an encompassing experience.

Some Questions About

What chances has the site of becoming widespread?