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ZABASearch.comDo you have a cousin that you haven’t seen for years and would like to know where to reach him? Maybe you would like to start stalking your favorite celebrity? Then go to Zabasearch, considered google on steroids, this site provides you with a free and easy to use search bar, where you can type anybody’s name, that is, anybody that lives in the United States, and their address and phone numbers will appear. A recent search for a certain Hollywood and indie film star who shall remain nameless (let’s avoid stalkers, ok?) fielded results showing she owned a house in the Hollywood Hills and an apartment in Greenwich Village in NYC.

You can also search by phone number or street and house number. In the pro version, you will be able, paying a monthly fee to research and get background on the person you are looking for. In Their Own Words

“Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine”

Why It Might Be A Killer is a simple and organized search network that can help you find anybody you are looking for in the US, providing you with their home and phone information for FREE.

Some Questions About

Should they respect people’s privacy and only give information to those who pay the monthly fee.