Yuxt.com – Social Video Bookmarking

Yuxt.comYuxt is one of several new social bookmarking sites which attempt to build off of Digg’s idea, not to replicate their site, but to use it to narrow the focus to bookmarking visual information instead of just websites. In Yuxt’s case, the subject matter is videos; here, you can bookmark videos and store them in collections.

To do this, you’ll want to sign up for an account (for free), and then you’re ready to start bookmarking. To bookmark a video, simply insert “yuxt.it/” in front of the web address where an embedded or linked video clip is located, or alternately, install the Yuxt toolbar for your browser. To create a video collection, click and drag videos to the designated video box on the left margain of the Yuxt website (to do this, you’ll need to be a registered user). You can also import videos from your hard drive or search for videos on the Yuxt site. Yuxt works for both IE and Firefox, although users of the former may find it more difficult and time-consuming to bookmark with Yuxt.

Yuxt.com In Their Own Words

“Yuxt is social video bookmarking. It is the easiest way to bookmark, organize into collections, share and watch video from numerous websites”.

Why Yuxt.com It Might Be A Killer

Yuxt is without a doubt one of the easiest video bookmarking sites out there. Since there are no less than three different ways to add videos to your collection, and each method is thoroughly explained and enhanced with visual guides, anyone will be able to figure the service out. Yuxt also lets you retrieve several different videos from one location at once; if a site has six videos embedded, you can get them all simply by inserting the yuxt code into the url of the site.

Some Questions About Yuxt.com

The Yuxt website could use a little cleaning up; it’s littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It’s also annoying that the site won’t let you scroll up or down or left to right. Yuxt could also improve by allowing users to vote on videos like other video bookmarking sites (for example, Digg’s video section). Yuxt.com