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YumIt.comYumIt is a social networking site. As its name so aptly implies, it is wholly devoted to food and gastronomy-connected topics.


The main activities that you can get down here are sharing your favorite dishes and places to eat with your friends while socializing and making new bonds with like-minded people. Moreover, the inclusion of a tool for tracking your food habits is a truly nice addition to the site. Both those who want to get in shape for the summer and the ones who are combating overweight will be able to increase their focus and feel more supported when it comes to tackling such a difficult activity.

Like most social networks worth their salt, this one highlights not only users but also content on its opening screen. The latter comes in the shape of “Featured yums”, and if you are thinking about using the site to track your daily habits and get in shape then I advise you to cast your glance elsewhere. If you are not, that part of the site is absolutely delicious and will have you running out to the nearest restaurant. In Their Own Words

“A social network about gastronomy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who simply love food couldn’t ask for something better.

Some Questions About

In which countries has this network had a better reception?

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