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Yubby.comIsn’t YouTube enough for you? Well, it that is indeed the case you are going to find this website quite appealing. You see, it is a search portal that will enable you to look up video files in 30 different video hosting services in one fell swoop.


If you can’t find what you want through such a system, then chances are it just is not there.

In the event you did find what you were looking for, then you will be capable of adding the files to your own video channels just by clicking a button. The results can there and then be shared on your blog or favorite websites for all to see.

There is nothing more engaging than video content. A single video will help you to communicate any idea exponentially better than any lengthy blog post you could imagine. Of course, one will never supersede the other. But when it comes to establishing your blog’s credibility, every single resource counts.

The site is free to use. You just create an account by choosing a username and furnishing your e-mail address, and proceed from there. In Their Own Words

“Find, collect and publish your favourite online video.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes for collating interesting video content and sharing it with everybody on the spot.

Some Questions About

Where can you read a complete list of the video sites that are searched?

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