Stop Wasting Money On Car Ownership And Go With YOYO

Owning a car is freedom? What a bunch of bull. Mobility is freedom, and though having a car provides mobility, it comes at such a steep steep price that it all but erases the advantages of traveling at will.


High insurance premiums, gas, oil changes and other maintenance, God forbid repairs… not to mention being trapped in the endless dilemma of “should I pay to fix the car or should I buy something different.” Constant risk, constant expense, guaranteed depreciation of value. Why do we own vehicles?


YOYO will remind you of why you love having wheels AND make it easy for you to never own a car again. They’re going to send the old model of ownership to the scrapyard and replace it with their pay-per mile subscription service.


new YOYO landing



The perks begin with completely eliminating the need to interact with dealerships. No haggling headaches, no paperwork, no financing, no agonizing over which car to buy. With YOYO, you select a car using your smartphone, then it’s delivered to your doorstep. When you’re ready to turn it in or swap it out, you push a button and YOYO comes to take the car away.


This means if you want an SUV for a camping trip, a compact for easy parking on a city tour, a convertible for a country joyride, you have the flexibility to switch as you please.


If a car breaks down, you have roadside assistance, plus, you’re off the hook for repairs. No more getting taken to the cleaners by mechanics. Not to mention, YOYO also dispenses with all the fuss that comes with selling or trading a vehicle.


Hello, all the benefits of a car, goodbye all the pain.


“People are already experimenting with new consumption models because they’re sick of all of the hassles related to car ownership,” says Hari Iyer, Co-Founder and CEO of YOYO. “It’s a lousy asset to own. People value their time much more than physical assets, and they would much rather access a newer, professionally maintained car when they need it instead of dealing with the headaches and high fixed costs that come with owning it.”


The sharing economy has paved the way for a number of major-name innovators in micro-term transportation (Uber and Lyft) as well as peer-to-peer ridesharing services in the short-term use space (GetAround or Turo). But as YOYO Co-Founder and President Ro Arora views it, Uber and Lyft aren’t really alternatives to car ownership and the P2P ride-sharing model simply isn’t sustainable in the long term.


“Ridesharing works great as an alternative to taxis. But let’s face it – most people can’t Uber and Lyft their way around everywhere on a full-time basis. It just doesn’t work for most pocketbook,” Arora says. “While P2P carsharing may work occasionally, it has its own set of issues which run the gamut of logistical and scheduling challenges, liability coverage issues, unreliable cars that haven’t been well-maintained, no access to rides during peak demand times, ongoing wear and tear responsibilities, you name it. It’s exactly all these issues that YOYO directly solves.”


Ready to ditch the gas guzzler and cruise in that fuel-efficient car you haven’t been able to afford? Ready to never worry about your ride running reliably? Then signup for the personal vehicle solution of the future at or support the company’s current crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.


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