KillerStartups – Follow Tweets with Google Maps you are a fan of Twitter but find that you’d like a bit more of a visual representation of other users’ location when they make a status update, then you’ll find YouTwit to be a very useful application. Simply go to youtwit., and enter the Twitter ID of someone you’d like to follow and you will instantly be able to see the last status update that person made and any new ones they make while you are viewing along with their location on a map of the earth. You are probably already familiar with Google Maps so you’ll know that being able to follow people geographically with this technology is a definite plus, and the ease of use makes this something that anyone can use. In Their Own Words

“YouTwit puts twitter status updates on google maps.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People will love the speed with which YouTwit is able to load up the latest status updates of their choice on the great-looking Google Maps interface. Anyone who likes Twitter should like this cool application.

Some Questions About

People’s locations on the map do not seem to be based on any kind of geo locations, rather they seem to be determined by the place the person said they lived when the registered. In order to make this a truly Killer app, they should start developing the capabilities that would allow Youtwit to provide real-time geo-positioned updates.

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