– Turn YouTube Into A Battlefield

YouTourney.comThe idea behind this site is quite easy to apprehend: it turns YouTube into a battlefield into which videos are pitched one against the other, and people vote on the one who they like best.

That is, through the site anybody can choose two videos (say, one with the best footage of Mike Tyson on the ring and another with footage of George Foreman) and have everybody vote for “the winner”.

The site is self-defined as the place where you can create video tournaments, and I think that from what has been just explained we all agree that is 100 % accurate.

A system like this one will let you compare everything from music performances and official videos to movie trailers and the top moments of any sport you are partial to. Of course, nothing prevents you from making a totally incongruous comparison when you are bored, like pitching a video of Lady Gaga against a speech by some figurehead you can’t stand. The potential for fun of this site is quite high, and I can guarantee you that the results will speak for themselves when they come. In Their Own Words

“YouTourney allows you to create your own video tournaments. Pit your favorite videos against one another and watch them battle for online video supremacy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The approach lends itself to very funny uses.

Some Questions About

How will the site market itself?