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YouTern.comInternships are something complex to say the least. On the one hand, you know that having a couple under your belt will be crucial for developing your career and showing future employers how proactive you really are.

On the other hand, not every internship is really valuable in the sense that the tasks that you are requested to perform might not add anything to the actual development of you skills. In other words, if all you are requested to do boils down to photocopying documents and dreaming up excuses when someone rings up the boss and he doesn’t want to know then it’s clear you are not covering any professional ground during that particular internship.

That is something this new website sets out to tackle. It is named YouTern, and it aims to connect people who want to excel professionally with companies that are led by individuals who are innovative and dynamic.

This is achieved by creating a (free) profile that will let you match your skills and objectives with the needs of companies that are part of the YouTern database. When an opportunity that matches your exact criteria materializes, you will be informed in the way that suits you best – you can receive an e-mail, a message on your smartphone…

And if you represent a career center, YouTern will empower you to find the right opportunities for your students. Such a service is provided at no cost, and searches can be conducted in a simple and direct way. In Their Own Words

“In our “new” economy, 45% of young adults under 25 remain unemployed. And in 2010, 80% of graduates do not expect to have a job soon after graduation – up dramatically from just 49% the year before.

Without jobs waiting for them, students must plan their career paths years in advance – a career-relevant internship is the key to success. And for good reason: 9 out of 10 direct-from-college jobs will go to students with experiential education on their resumes.

At YouTern, we connect emerging talent to entrepreneurial driven companies through internships. With YouTern, intern candidates have a choice: the “coffee and copy” dash at large corporations… Or, the YouTern opportunity:

Work directly with inspiring leaders of innovative companies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives young talent a ready chance to start shining at an early age.

Some Questions About

In which ways will this service evolve over time? What will be added to it?