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YouTagem.comYou’re probably familiar with those word association tests psychologists use to get inside your head; well, YouTag’em is a site which uses the same principle to get a collective consensus about brands, countries and people. The setup is dead simple.

On the screen you’ll see a photo of a logo, such as the Nike swoosh, or you’ll see a celebrity or a country flag. Next you write down one word or phrase that comes to mind and submit it. Alternatively, you can see words/phrases that others have come up with, and you can guess what or whom they have in mind. You can skip photos and browse by section, i.e. country, person or brand. Register to save your entries. In Their Own Words

“The purpose of this site is to find out what people think of different brands, countries, celebrities.

Therefore, it is what you say it is. (36809 tags and counting)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

YouTagem is a rather droll yet altogether interesting site. It gets into your psyche and picks apart your brand and celebrity knowledge in a very concise and somewhat amusing way (the non sequiturs are especially funny) . It’s the sort of thing you could get carried away with if you’re not careful.

Some Questions About

What is exactly the end result of this? Will we get to see an overall tally of what people have said? Rather than using flags for the country section, they should use a map or images of the country itself—flags rarely get responses as most people are ignorant on the subject matter.

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