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YouSpeakIt.comIf English is not your first language and you feel a true urge to improve your written and spoken skills, then this is a site that you should consider visiting. On You Speak It, you will be allowed to hone everything in one of the ways that yields the best results when studying a foreign language: by watching videos.

That is always preferable than merely reading a textbook, and the You Speak It method is all the more interesting if only because the videos that are featured on the site come with bilingual subtitles, and are fully interactive. And the company has developed a functionality that lets you know the meaning of any word just by clicking on it. When you do that, the video will be paused, and the definition will be displayed for you to take good note.

Actually, the word will be automatically added to your wordlist for you, so that your input is kept to a bare minimum. And once you know what the word means, the video will continue playing until the end. Or until you come across any other expression that is new to you. In Their Own Words

Learn English online with videos.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea of turning videos into interactive entities is a killer one, as there is no need for you to turn to your dictionary in order to figure out the meaning of words.

Some Questions About

Will we see this approach applied to more languages?