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Youserbase.orgYouserbase is a consumer network which aims to let uses compare tech products and be able to make sound buying decisions. Currently, information on technical products is provided in over 25 languages.


That is, anything which a user submits is automatically translated and published in all the featured languages for users of Youserbase to read. The site adheres to the “Wiki” concept that was popularized by Wikipedia in full, since users contribute not only their own knowledge, but they also exchange tips and tricks about these devices that they have tried out and taken a liking to. They can also tell everybody why a certain product would be a waste of time and money.

Browsing the site and finding products that could be right for you is something very simple, as popular devices are displayed on the main page one after the other for you to check them out. You can also visualize these devices that have been favorited the most. The two lists are quite reminiscent, but there are enough differences so as to make checking them both necessary if you want to learn about these products that have elicited the most positive responses so far. In Their Own Words

“The way we perceive information becomes increasingly influenced by manufacturers and their marketing. These people select the information for us, so a objective decision becomes more and more complicated.

On the other hand, the choice of products has grown so big that there is no longer „the universal expert“ for everything, but specialistst for specific subjects. The Wikipedia proves that quality content can derive from many peoples’s knowledge and from sharing it.

youserbase combines these technologies, the neutral information and the user interaction, to create the worlds largest independent network about technology. All competing technologies can be compared, making it easy for customers to make the right decision.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

So many products see release in a single day alone that the chances of buying a turkey are not that remote. A user-fueled resource like this one can make things more focused.

Some Questions About

Will more product categories be eventually added?

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