Stop The Madness, Please. There’s A Smarter Way To Grow Your Trade

Unless you’re an accountant or in admin, paperwork is a job without pay. And who wants one of those?


Every business has paperwork, but, the less time that’s spent putting together quotes and creating invoices, etc., the more time there is for making customers happy and gaining new clients.


YourTradeBase is online software for tradespeople that allows tradespeople and service businesses to knock out paperwork quickly and easily. Regardless if you need to create quotes, estimates, invoices, receipts, or job sheets, YourTradeBase gets the job done in minutes rather than hours.


Simple templates help builders, plumbers, roofers, cleaners and other professionals create whatever paperwork they need without hassles. Custom touches add a professional polish to any documents, which helps build brand confidence with clients.



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Figuring out material and labor costs takes no time at all using online forms (which are easy to send, download, or print). Small things, like having tax calculated automatically calculated for you, add up to a tremendous amount of timed saved. What’s more, a YourTradeBase account is accessible on any device, which gives professionals the flexibility to work from home, in the field, and on the fly.


Gone are the days of going back to the office to put together a quote for your clients. The faster you put an estimate in someone’s hands the more likely you are to edge out the competition – convenient data access lets you work faster and smarter.


YourTradeBase also makes business life easier by keeping paperwork more organized. Professionals have one place to turn to manage their leads. Follow up messages can be sent out quickly, billing reminders delivered with a mere click of a button. And you can conveniently attach notes related to clients or projects for yourself – where you can find them later!



No overly complex project management software required. With YourTradeBase, you can schedule jobs and surveys, see appointments clearly on a calendar, and create tasks for yourself to make sure everything gets done. No additional installs or downloads means that simply signing in is all it takes to begin streamlining business.


Ever met a carpenter who prefers doing paperwork over building a house? Of course not, because administrative upkeep is a time suck that stands in the way of getting paying jobs done. YourTradeBase was created by business owner Dean Taylor (along with the help of his cousin, developer Adam Austin) to end pains he experienced firsthand.


“YourTradeBase does everything I needed when I was struggling to organize the paperwork for my jobs,” says Dean. “As a tradesman, I know this app works because I use it myself every day.”


In a short time, YourTradeBase has already been used to create over $9 million worth of winning quotes and to organize over 10,000 jobs. Eager to grow your trade business by freeing yourself from the paperwork beast? Check out


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