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YourStreet fundamentally changes how you discover and connect with the information that impacts you most – what’s going on in your town, your neighborhood and even your block. YourStreet’s unique map-based interface brings “hyperlocal” content to the next level, allowing users to explore their community in an entirely new way. YourStreet uses a highly sophisticated algorithm that leverages natural language processing to scan and interpret news articles, extracting highly specific location information. Unlike other news aggregation sites, YourStreet goes far beyond keyword matching – the algorithm can identify references to local entities like schools, sports stadiums, airports, bridges, and determine their exact latitude and longitude, giving users unparalleled access to local information. They aggregate and map 10,000+ news articles a day for over 35,000 locations across the U.S. YourStreet also allows users to contribute their own comments, conversations, articles, and profiles. They look at the news as the foundation upon which a location-based community can be created. In Their Own Words

“YourStreet scans thousands of newspaper sites and local blogs each day to bring you the most comprehensive local news available anywhere. Our proprietary algorithm interprets the articles, identifies locations in the articles, and plots them on an interactive map.”

Why It Might Be A Killer transforms the way you discover and experience local news. Their ability to extract highly specific locations from articles and plot them on a map is an important innovation in the way people explore and learn about what’s going on in their local community. You can visually experience the news by not only seeing what’s happening but also where it’s happening.

Some Questions About

It seems that the site won’t have any ad on it, how will they manage to keep the site going? What’s their business model?


Author : Bill Webb

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