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YouRoom.inWe show different facets to people when we go about our daily lives. Nobody behaves in the same way in front of his coworkers than in front of the members of his family, or his high school friends. And why should things be different on the Social Web? People create groups and filter certain aspects of conversations all the time when they are on social networks like Facebook. Yet, that is a laborious job and some people might even have difficulty getting everything in the right place to begin with.


Well, YouRoom has been devised as an easy way out of that situation. This new service lets people create rooms in which all their different interactions can take place. A user can create one for their coworkers, another for their close friends, another for their relatives… and when creating the room, he will be able to set down his position within it. He can label himself as the boss or as a subordinate, he can become the father, the son or the grandpa… He can also have some good fun with that, if you know what I mean…

And once the rooms have been created and the interactions start in earnest, what is shared and discussed will be viewable only by those who are in the same room.

To all intents and purposes, this is a foolproof way to share information. I mean, it is impossible to post something in the wrong room. It is a mere question of presence. Conversely, misplacing something on Facebook is as easy as clicking on the wrong group from a dropdown menu.

On the down side, it must be said that YouRoom has no support for vanity URLs, and that communications are limited to 140 characters. And I find the green background a bit garish, too. But I guess most will be able to live with that… In Their Own Words

youRoom is a web application that provides a simple way of sharing information within the groups. You can share short messages in a safe and secure environment for better communication with your friends and/or for better collaboration in projects at work between companies.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is interesting in the sense that each room that is created can have its very own profile, complete with an avatar of its own.

Some Questions About

How many groups can a single user create for free?

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