– Create a Movie or Star in One

YourBroadcaster.comIdeally helping those outside the insider industry of Hollywood, this is a social networking site for those wanna-be actors and writers to collaborate on all creative aspects of movie-making with the goal of developing 5 successful feature-length films. It is similar to the premise of Green Light by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (which was less than successful, by the way).

In essence, you create a custom profile, upload pictures, videos, animation, audio, and wait for your creative material to be evaluated and rated. The entries with the most votes will become the basis of a feature film, in theory. I did like the idea that they allow you to copyright your material, since there seems to be “idea theft” everywhere in Hollywood. One hangup: you must pay a price for submitting your material ($10 for each upload). We”ll see what eventually happens with this (hey, there was the ridiculously successful Blair Witch Project, remember?). In Their Own Words

YourBroadcaster´s main aim is to collaborate with its members to build and create 5 feature length films and find the resources to be used in it as well. These films´ categories include bollywood, horror, thriller, drama and comedy. Members´ participation is primarily through the upload of scripts, auditions, characters, cartoons and stunts among other. All of these will be voted for by other members. Uploads of the most successful member shall be used as the basis for the final film.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As they say, every waiter in Hollywood is an actor or scriptwriter (or model, I think). It would be a Cinderella story (not to mention a highly marketable story) if this site managed to actually create a blockbuster full-length feature, or at least capture the attention of the millionaire producers in Hollywood.

Some Questions About

Is this just a ploy to get money from starving artists? How many people have paid to submit material? Do they really have the tools, connections and sophistication to take this idea to the next level?