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YourAutoFriend.comWhy pay to have your used car listed on a site like eBay when you can do it for free on, and have it sold every bit as quickly? YourAutoFriend is an automotive marketplace where everything from cars and ATVs to motorcycles can be instantly listed, and readily purchased. The site already covers America from coast to coast, and you can search for vehicles in any State by choosing the one that applies from the list provided on the homepage.


An ad is posted by picking the relevant category (IE, “Sell Your ATV”, “Sell Your Car”…) and providing all the obvious information like its year, make and model. You can upload up to 6 photos of your vehicle without having to pay anything, and the ad will run for as long as it takes for your car, ATV or bike to be sold. And just to help you spread the word faster, the site lets you print a customized “For Sale” sign that you can then attach to your vehicle.

All the cars, ATVs and motorcycles that have been listed more recently are featured for a limited time on the homepage, and once an ad has been posted then it can be found both by keyword and by its unique ID number.

Moreover, if you are a dealer then you can get an inventory page with all your contact information, and use that to post your entire inventory. This service is also provided for free. In Their Own Words

A free automotive marketplace.

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What if you want to have your ad featured on the homepage for longer? How can that be arranged?

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