Is Your Memory More Steel Sieve Than Steel Trap? Let Nuggets Help

Today’s Killer Startup: Nuggets


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Elevator Pitch:

Nuggets helps you remember the things you’ve learned, with 200 character reminders.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

My memory is shit. My memory is so shit that it actually causes conflict in my relationship. My boyfriend has one of those steel-trap brains that retains basically everything, whereas my brain is more like a steel sieve. I had a great memory when I was a kid, but, somewhere between partying too much in my early twenties and cramming my brain full of new Spanish words, it all went to shit.


Which is why I love Nuggets.


Nuggets is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you remember everything you learn. When you come across something you want to retain, you just click the little brain button in your toolbar. Then you can either type the information or simply highlight in the page that you’re on. Add hashtags for easier search retrieval later, and either use their automatically filled in URL or add your own source. Nuggets will also offer up any related nuggets, so you can keep track of how the things you’re tracking are all related.


The app will then send you reminders, via email and notifications, with your old nuggets. Repeatedly coming back to the information will help you retain it in the long run, which is great for sieve-brains like me.


You can also browse other people’s nuggets or follow friends or experts to benefit from that they’re learning as well. It’s a great way to expand your horizons, solidify the stuff you’re learning, and to stop forgetting everything all the damn time, like I do.


Tired of forgetting everything? Hate the fact that most of what you learn every week is slipping out of your brain without you even realizing it? Start saving those little nuggets today.



[email protected]_app is like a memory supplement for your overworked brain.


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