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Never underestimate the power of writing things down. On a whim five years ago, in a flash of inspiration—or frustration—I made a quick list of things I wanted to do with my life within the next half decade. The time frame was arbitrary. The intentions barely thought through. I just wanted things different, better.


Well, today, just two months after the five year mark, I can now say that I’ve ticked off everything on my list. I changed careers and now write full time. I paid off all my debts. I wrote a book. The path to get where I aimed to be took me places that I never would have imagined, but the achievements I craved stayed the same, always near in the back of my mind.


I’m lucky in a way, since writing conditions me to obsessively put everything from daydreams to great quotes to overheard conversations down on paper, where I’ll return often to my inspirational sources. Otherwise, we all know how life can distract us from what we think is truly important. Until hopes, ambitions, favorite activities—our ideal lives—vanish from view altogether.


No need to feel bummed if this sounds too familiar. Freedawn can help.


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Freedawn is an online “place to inspire and to be inspired. Design your dream life today and share your journey toward it!” At Freedawn, you record your habits and goals, keep track of your progress in a journal, and interact with the right people that can help one another enter into the orbit of their dream life.


The concept behind Freedawn made me think of Julie Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, where aspiring creatives are coached to construct their days as much as possible to make space for their creativity. Well, living well is the highest art, so it makes a lot of sense for everyone to apply similar strategies to their days.


Freedawn offers one convenient place to stash everything from small goals to life aims. Collect the quotes and articles as well on Freedawn that stir your blood. Again, put things down, keep them organized – and they will nag at you until you make your dream happen. Of course, Freedawn makes the journey easier by connecting you with peers and mentors (if you like) that will push you to where you’re going faster.



Besides serving as a social platform to build your dream life, a vision board keeps the evolving picture of what you want your world to look like front and center. No matter the field—from athletics to politics—you can find tons of reading material about successful people relying on visualization techniques to reach the top of their game (just Google power of visualization).


It’s pretty simple, actually: seeing is believing. The more we see ourselves as we’d like to be, the more we simply become that person. Most of us never bother with the initial groundwork… and end up frustrated so often.


Keep the dream in view—and start living it—with the good company at Freedawn. Sign up for beta access at


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