Your Customers Are On Mobile, So You Better Be Too

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It should be no surprise to you by now, startup founder, that the world is going mobile. If it is, you should probably find a new profession or least take a break and do a whole lot of reading before you continue. According to the Pew Research Center, 90% of American adults own a cell phone and 64% have a smartphone, as of October 2014.


Here are a couple more stats to underline just how important the mobile market is becoming:


Add on the fact that, as of May 2013 (which is lightyears in tech-time), 63% of adult cell phone users were using their phones to go online, and there’s no denying that cell phones — and smartphones in particular — are the technological choice of the present and the future.


So if your users are on mobile, then you need to be too. While there are plenty of things you should be doing to meet them there, today we’re going to talk about capturing sales. Capturing sales is essential for any startup, but especially for those of you who are still early stage. Every customer counts, right?


MobiChat is a live chat module for your mobile website or app. Their responsive design means they fit seamlessly into your product, giving your users a pretty and nice experience. They also have their own proprietary technology called RealCapture, which allows customer service reps to “easily capture, validate, and post customer information right from in the chat.”



They also offer a competitive pricing plan, charging per agent so that you can choose whether it’s a good fit for you and your startup. They start at $49 per month for one agent (their word for your company’s customer service rep) but will quote you per agent if you have more than that.


Mobile isn’t going anywhere, startup founders. Make sure that your company is prepared to handle your customers on mobile as those statistics listed above start tilting even heavier in the direction of the smartphone. Get with MobiChat now and make sure your customers are getting the best mobile customer service possible.


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