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YouPostDeals.comWe all know that when we have to buy something over the internet, we look for good deals and browse through numerous vendors’ sites and comparison sites. YouPostDeals is a platform where you can share deals with others and also take advantage of what other users are posting.

Deals that gets most positive reviews start appearing on the home page as top voted deals. This site is a social networking site where users can post deals, rate them and make money, but on top of that site provides free e-mall site from Amazon and free auction site from eBay. Just by providing user id and sign up id, this site creates a free e-commerce site where used does not need any inventory and they can start selling stuff to anyone and make money on the sales. In Their Own Words

“YouPostDeals is a community driven web site where users can post deals that they like on the web, share their reviews and bump or dump them. Attempt is being made to provide users all that they need to know about the best prices and reviews from different web sites.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Free money, no technical stuff needed, no inventories and no billings or processing needed but if you buy and sell you get 100% of the fee from providers like Amazon and eBay.

Some Questions About

Can someone really make money using this website?