– P2P Website Monitoring Service is a p2p monitoring network built on the ‘you help me, I’ll help you’ philosophy.

What you get: if you’ve got a website YouMonitor will monitor it in exchange for participating and using their services. YouMonitor will in turn examine your site from the end user’s view point, report downtimes and speed, and tell you where and when your web alerts occur. All information is reported using easy to read and professional looking charts and graphs. Addititonally, you’ll get instant alerts should your website become unreachable or experience abnormal response times, 24×7 monitoring, and two modes of operation. There’s a free two week trial service. After that you can continue to use YouMonitor’s services by joining the free peer to peer network. By doing so, you’ll be putting your site to work monitoring other sites, while other sites monitor yours. In Their Own Words

“We’re a team of engineers and designers, passionate about a simple idea. The Internet can be collaborative place where the community of website owners help each other by keeping a watchful eye on their neighbor’s websites and report problems when things happen. The peer to peer technology existed but the catalyst to put the technology together with the “network watchdog” vision born a community that has become the YouMonitor.Us network.

Don’t let the name, YouMonitor.Us fool you! It’s just only our website name and brand. The idea and spirit is a peer to peer, participation based, “You monitor us, and we’ll monitor for you !” vision that’s revolutionary.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This quid pro quo service truly benefits everyone, really. You get professional reports along with alerts to advise you on the status of your site. Rather than having to pay for this service, it’s free, provided you join the network. Resource use is low, according to the Monitor team. Also, the site currently has computers working from every continent (minus Anarctica) which means you’ll get pinged from all over the world.

Some Questions About

How long will this remain free? Once payment is required, will sites continue to use it? How secure is it?