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YouLynx.comYouLynx is a promising young startup from Barcelona that has hedged its bets on the many possibilities of a mobile internet. YouLynx is somewhat akin to YouTube.

It’s a social media network where members can upload and share videos shot from their mobile or webcam, or HD video cam etc. You can also upload regular old non-moving pictures to YouLynx. Everyone who joins gets the privilege of uploading movies, pictures, and interacting with other members while getting to enjoy entertainment on the go, 24/7. As long as you’ve got a smartphone, YouLynx is yours to enjoy. It has all the features of your usual social network: free messaging, sharing, uploading, etc. Simply choose your mobile brand, model, number, and download. It’s completely free and available in Spanish and English. In Their Own Words

“* Share your photos and videos
* Send free messages
* Download free content for your cell phone
* Directly from your cell phone or computer. “

Why It Might Be A Killer

Shout ‘Em is a good idea. Mobile is the way to go, and providing a way for user to easily create their own mobile social network is clever and promises to garner a lot of users.

Some Questions About

Will Shout Em prove a success? Will users like what they see? Will their be a backlash from the cookie cutter type social networks Shout Em produces?