– How Well Can You Guess Personality?

YouJustGetMe.comAt some point in your love affair with the internet, you’ve probably stumbled across sites which offer personality test and analyses. These sites of course range from the more unpolished, juvenile sites to actual standardized tests concocted by psychiatrists.

You Just Get Me is sort of a hybrid of these two extremes. The site claims it is run by psychiatrists, yet you’ll notice that when you take the 40-question personality test, some of the questions seem a bit wacky. After going through all of the questions, You Just Get Me generates a personality rating for you in the form of “bubbles”. Bubbles represent personality extremes, so the larger one is, the more likely you are to behave in that way. For example, one bubble pairing is “Extroverted” and “Introverted”; if your introverted bubble is larger, you tend to be more of a wallflower. Accompanying the bubbles is a lengthy (and oddly breezy) explanation of what your results mean. After this, the site encourages you to check out the profiles of other users to see if you can “guess” their personalities, based on a thumbnail photo and username only. You’ll go through the same set of questions, this time answering them as though you were the person in question taking the test. At the end of this task as well, you’ll be given a rating that tells you how accurate you were. The site requires you to continually rate others as long as they rate you (this keeps your site score above 0, allowing you to continue to use their features for free). In Their Own Words

“You’ve stumbled onto a unique project. Psychster LLC built this site for researchers in a new field of psychology who study how well people read each other’s personalities. We’re wondering the same thing you are – what makes two people “get” each other? Or what stands in the way?

For decades, journals wouldn’t publish reseach on this issue, arguing it wasn’t valid. If this site is a success and lots of people use it, we’re going to strip off all the names (and other identifying information) and tell the world what we learned.

Join the effort. Guess random people’s personality. Invite your friends to guess yours”

Why It Might Be A Killer

You Just Know Me is more interesting as a personality test; the questions are unusual and quirky, but fun and interesting, and the non-traditional scoring system is innovative and is a nice break from heavier, more serious personality analyses without waxing juvenile and seeming contrived.

Some Questions About

On some levels, this site is just downright weird. The combination of standard professional questions and analyses and occasionally awkward wording and incorrect grammar makes you question the site’s credibility. The fact that you’re expected to try and predict how someone would answer all of these questions based on a photo and username alone is pretty absurd; the site itself says that most people cannot do this with a level of accuracy over 20%, so where’s the fun in this?