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YouFlow.FinnRudolph.deA young startup hailing from Germany, YouFlow can be defined as a mashup that brings together the best of ImageFlow, Highslide and YouTube. That is, using this new solution you can search videos hosted at YouTube, browse through them using ImageFlow and open them with Highslide.


The programmer of this mashup is Mr. Finn Rudolph, and he explains that he was spurred into action due to the limitations of the existing default navigation which characterizes YouTube. His main concern was coming up with a method for playing multiple videos and a stylish navigation system that enabled him to thumb through the featured selections. Hence, this solution was conceived.

It must be said that YouFlow does its job with correction, and it is also tempting to say that any person who is slightly dissatisfied with YouTube as it stands right now is certain to find this mashup compelling. If that happens to define your current mood, then consider wending your way to the YouFlow homepage and see if it brightens up your day. In Their Own Words

“YouFlow is a mashup combining the JavaScript effects ImageFlow and Highslide JS with the YouTupe API. With YouFlow you can search all the YouTube videos, browse them with ImageFlow and open them with Highslide.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers a different and well-focused take on YouTube which is certain to appeal to many.

Some Questions About

Are there related mashups that take other online video hosting services into account?

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