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YouEtch.comA company that has its seat in Canada, YouEtch will let you take ordinary objects such as iPhone cases, dog tags and money clips and have them turned into nothing short of personalized works of art. The company does so by laser-etching the artwork that customers want their products to bear. It’s a bit as if they were being tattooed, as the etched texts and designs will remain there no matter how one uses (and even abuses) the object in question.


The site itself is organized in a very logical and easy-to-use way, with a category for each item that can be engraved, and it’s actually possible to shop by occasion. Mother Day, Halloween and birthdays are some of the occasions that you can focus your search on. And there is also a whole set of tags that Canadians will find instantly usable.

And a service like YouEtch can also be put to professional uses, too. For example, companies can customize metal business cards and give away a much more professional and dedicated image.

YouEtch ships worldwide, and shipping within Canada is actually provided for free. In Their Own Words

YouEtch Inc. is a Canadian company operating from the capital city of Canada (Ottawa, Ontario). We provide laser etched products and services to both sectors at the consumer level and corporate level. We specialize in what we call ‘Permanent Art’, we transform products like iPhone 3 & iPhone 4 cases, Dog Tags, Money Clips, Aluminum business cards, and Wood business cards from ordinary products to permanent top of the line personalized items.

Unlike stickers & skins our products are laser-etched, so say goodbye to the sticky tape or edges that can rise up and peel off. We laser etch (tattoo) the artwork & text directly into the surface of the cases, which ensures a lasting effect. In other words no matter how you use or abuse the covers the etched art will always be there.

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Which other products can be engraved like this?

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