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YouDIG.mainada.netYouDIG is online Pictionary. To participate you must have a Gmail account to sign into the rooms.

Once you have an account you can begin. Each riddle has a category and a room as a driver you can choose a room or create your own. You can copy the URL and share it with your friends so they can participate. When you are ready to being you press start to reveal the word, then you must begin drawing the word. Other participants guess by using chat. The game is done when someone guesses correctly, the time runs out or you decide to skip the word. Each participant gets a chance to be the driver and draw. You can also suggest riddles for the game. Riddles are available at all difficulty levels, in many categories and in either Portuguese or English. Have fun with YouDIG and draw away. In Their Own Words

“The idea behind YouDIG – You Draw I Guess – is very simple: You draw I guess. This is, the riddle driver draws the word(s) and all other participants guess it.
Everyone will be a driver at some point, as it alternates in a “circle”.
I think this is perfectly clear.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

YouDIG is fun and simple. Who doesn’t love Pictionary? Now with YouDIG you can play it whenever you want. It is great that users can also suggest new riddles.

Some Questions About

YouDIG could keep a score board of which users answered the riddles fastest. YouDIG could add more Web 2.0 features such as profiles and forums.

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