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YouCallMD.comA new medical answering service, YouCallMD gives physicians the chance to create and manage a complete on-call schedule, straight from their web browsers. YouCall MD takes care of transcribing patient and nurse messages, and having them delivered via SMS, and by using VOIP it lets nurses and patients communicate with doctors at all hours. Doctors are also allowed to communicate among themselves, of course, and discuss these cases that have to be seen to immediately.

And YouCallMD has been built in a way that means the private phone numbers of physicians are not disclosed. Patients and nurses text message the website, and then these SMSes are delivered to doctors. And doctors are enabled to turn off SMSes at their discretion, so they’ll have the chance to go out and enjoy themselves too.

A platform like YouCallMD is much cheaper than having to rely on a call center, and it is every bit as effective in the end. If there’s an industry that needs 24/7 live operators and support for the delivery of messages around-the-clock, that’s the healthcare industry. All kind of practices will be greatly benefited by something like YouCallMD. In Their Own Words

Health care communications for the 21st century.

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How many people can be messaged simultaneously using MyCallMD?