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Youcalc – Widgets Made Smarter

YoucalcA visit to the youcalc website will provide you with the wherewithal to create your own and personalized analytic widgets from source data of any kind. These “smart widgets” stand apart because they extract insight from the sources you specified previously, and present it as you see fit.


This is accomplished in the simplest way, too: there is no coding knowledge at play. All you have to do is drag and drop the different functions you wish to implement, and a chart library is part of the premises. That means that once you have found a chart that you liked you can readily use it, and create analytic widgets on any topics which interests you, be it sports or political statistics, sales data… you name it.

All in all, this is a practical manner of retrieving data from most sources on the Internet and presenting it for all to see, without having to be proficient when it comes to programming or a technological wiz.

Youcalc In Their Own Words

“youcalc is a widget gallery, a widget creation tool, and a community of widget users and widget developers. For widget users, youcalc is like most other widget galleries – find a widget that interests you and post it to your blog, your website, you iGoogle, your facebook, etc. It’s a zero-tech, few clicks operation – and it’s entirely free.”

Why Youcalc It Might Be A Killer

It is an inexpensive way of presenting information in a neat manner.

Some Questions About Youcalc

Is it guidance provided online? Youcalc

Author : Roger Hollings

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