Youbl – Have A Look At What Everyone Is Wearing Today

Wanna know what all the cool kids are wearing these days?


Forget the fashion mags and all the other resources that would tell you what you should wear. Have a look at what people are actually wearing at Youbl. Better yet, become a youbler yourself and share your wardrobe inspiration with the world.


Youbl is a fashion-themed social network where people share daily outfits (or playlists) and engage a fashion-minded global community.


Similar to Pinterest, the website displays individual ensembles as a tiled wall. Each user can mix and match over a million fashion pieces, and showcase their genius combinations. Youblers can include selfies if they like. What’s more, each playlist includes hashtags, room for comments, and is ready to share on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter – Youbl is built for quickly spreading killer outfits among the crowd.


youbl landing


Of course, Youbl works as a great source for new ideas on how to spice up your daily attire. Find people that share a similar style and spark up conversations, sharing ideas and recommendations.


Users can also browse the site using filters for location, gender and age. Want to blend in with 20-something dudes in Berlin? Go straight to the source and see how the young men are dressing there today.


From shirts to shoes, from skirts to sunglasses, and just about any other imaginable accessory – Youbl offers up near infinite variety of daily outfits.


Naturally, visitors can click on any item to nab more details, so that they can buy the same goods for themselves. Youbl is available on desktop as well as on mobile (both iOS and Android), which means that people can have a look over morning coffee to figure out what to wear for the day, or turn to the app as a reference when out shopping if unsure of how to rock a particular item…


Let’s face it, we all have a rag or two in the closet that we can’t remember what we were thinking when we bought it. Someone – someone – on Youbl is bound to have an idea or two to save neglected duds from the mothballs.


The fun of Youbl is that each person can enjoy a site experience as interactive or voyeuristic as he or she likes. It takes seconds to have a look around or to piece together playlists. Regardless if you think everyone in the world should marvel at your fashion sense or you’re the shy sort who could use a little hand in the style dept but would never admit as much, you’re covered! (Ha! Geddit?)


Have more fun with the daily outfit and start hanging out with youblers at


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