– Youtube Times Three

You3B.comIf your Youtube addiction has you seeking out more and more videos, constantly, non-stop, perhaps you’d be satisfied once and for all with You3B. The site is essentially identical to YoutubeDoubler, only instead of playing two videos simultaneously, You3B creates a triptych, running three videos at once.

Register to create your very own, kooky video triads, or enjoy the ones already on the site. They’ve got octopi and Old Boy, random Japanese bands and teddy bears, retro cartoons, and pigs among other things. It can be as random or as precisely choreographed as you like. Add comments, vote for your favorites. It’s triple the Youtube fun. In Their Own Words

“YouThreeb is a place to create triptyhs of youTube videos.
We just launched recently, but future plans include:
1. Ratings on Triptychs
2. “Export to Quicktime” – export a landscape-style quicktime movie of the three videos
3. Quick Triptych – Make a triptych without making an account or logging in.
4. Search functions
5. more triptych customization, such as background color and configuration of videos”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Youtube is popular, YoutubeDoubler is popular so You3B should be the ne plus ultra in popularity. Three videos at once, the only thing that could beat that would be four videos.

Some Questions About

Isn’t this a poor clone of YouTubeDoubler? It’s rather disconcerting and too random. Will they add more tools for better synchronization?