You Definitely Need A Little Serendipity In Your Networking

Today’s Killer Startup: Serendipity


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Elevator Pitch:

Serendipity introduces users to one awesome person per month.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Meeting new people is hard, both in a professional and personal context — that’s why there are approximately 8 quadrillion dating apps and 7 billion networking sites out there, right? The problem is, most of those apps and sites require a lot from the user, either in amount of time spent or in cold hard cash.


Serendipity, on the other hand, doesn’t require either of those. It’s a brand new service that matches awesome people with awesome people (in a professional context) — but only one per month. It’s like a quality over quantity approach to professional networking, with each sign up manually vetted by the Serendipity founder, Manasvini Krishna.


To be honest, I kind of want her job. How cool is it to have matchmake a bunch of awesome people? Maybe I should rethink my career choice…


But anyway! On the user end of things, Serendipity is super simple. Just sign up and wait for your first intro email to come through! From there, you can chat directly with the person you’ve been introduced to and figure out how, exactly, you all want to meet. The beauty of Serendipity (both the service and the idea) is that you just don’t know where your match might end up! Maybe you’ll meet a new co-founder or friend or the next investor in your startup. Or maybe it’ll be a total bust and the only thing you’ve lost is an hour of your life.


It sounds to me like the the odds are stacked on the “it’s going to be awesome” side, however. If you’re into the idea of quality over quantity networking, head over to the Serendipity website and sign up today.



Who WOULDN’T want to meet one awesome person every month?? Sign up for #Serendipity


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