Yooplus.com – Tools Towards Communication For Companies

Yooplus.comYooplus offers a platform that will help your company become more productive. We+ can be used by companies of any size large or small.

We+ offers tools and applications that will help companies, communicate better with the world and co-worker to co-worker. The we+ tools aim at creating social relationships between team members and internationally. The applications have many features, such as; reducing emails by 30% or more, the tools are available in multiple languages, sharing calendar/information, real time information updates, customizable environments, making your company knowledge explicit and available, and more. We+ helps your company by focusing on collaboration, communication, and management. Creating and organizing your team projects is as easy as one click. Keep everyone informed with the calendar of tasks that need to be done, upload documents and communicate with the blog. Your company can be more productive by using we+.

Yooplus.com In Their Own Words

“Yooplus is an Enterprise 2.0 company offering collaboration and communication environments, tools and services for team and project management for all sized business clients, faced with the challenge of getting things done.”

Why Yooplus.com It Might Be A Killer

Yooplus.com has a striking a professional interface. The site is easy to navigate with its content neatly organized. We+ has lots of storage space so running out will not be a concern for your company. We+ also offers live online training so you can get the most out of the tools and applications.

Some Questions About Yooplus.com

We+ has a colorful interface, but I am not sure how I feel about the two gel capsules on the front page. Also I think that the categories always look better when they are at the very top or bottom of a page not in the middle. Other types of social collaboration platforms exist for companies to choose from, how will We+ deal with competition? Yooplus.com