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YooBuzz.comYooBuzz is a social site in which sharing media is the main form of interaction. People who are active on this site keep on uploading images and posting music videos found on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo for everybody to watch and enjoy.


Of course, once something has been posted other users can proceed to comment on it. That is where the true fun begins, actually, as people are allowed to debate for as long as they wish (provided the whole discussion is kept civilized, that is).

There is not a lot more to say about this site. Oh, wait, you can join for free and have a SEO-friendly personalized domain. But that is it.

I suppose some people might like YooBuzz because everything is kept so concise, while others will look down their noses at it, and write it off for its lack of more advanced features. Which will be for you? The link is provided below for you to click on it and see if the site resonates with you or if it leaves you cold. In Their Own Words

Instantly share texts, pics and videos with the world.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site is very easy to use, and that definitely works to its advantage.

Some Questions About

Will enough people go for this in order to make it successful?

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