search cancel – Free mobile Java app that let’s you send mobile text message without paying your telco for SMS!

Yoober is a small program for your mobile phone that lets you send FREE mobile text messages without paying a cent for SMS!


There are no character restrictions, and you can send individual or group text messages to any Yoober users, anywhere in the world.

With Yoober, you don’t get any SPAM messages, because you only receive messages from people who are on your contacts list.

When you join, you get to select your own Yoober username/ID, so you can send and receive text messages without revealing your mobile number!

To use Yoober on your mobile, all you need is a Java enabled mobile handset with GPRS or mobile internet support.

Then just invite your friends, help them get Yoober onto their mobile, and enjoy unlimited texting! Yoober is a completely freeware program.

Visit our website to find out more!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Yoober is more then just a social community – it’s a communications tool – with strong cost benefits to many people who are on data plans, and/or users across Asia Pac and part of Europe where the general cost of mobile data is FAR cheaper then SMS messages.

For 1KB of data (1024 characters of text), Yoober users can send the equivalent of 6.5 SMS messages. So for the same price as 1 SMS in many markets (10 cents) users can send 65 Yoobers messages (at 1 cent per KB)

By using pure-data to transfer messages, Yoober can slash the cost of SMS, while delivering many other benefits such as sending one message to one or one thousand people – without paying a cent more.

Because Yoober sends messages via the web rather then the carrier, users also don’t need to worry about paying a cent more for interstate or overseas text messaging.

Lastly, users are whacked an additional fee if they go over 80 (doublebyte) or 160 (roman) characters in a message, unlike telcos who charged for every 160 characters as a seperate message.

Using this angle, Yoober aims to compete with telco’s to provide a much cheaper, global text messaging alternative to SMS.

In line with our focus on texting rather then IM, Yoober is also shortly launching new ways to message and use text messages, that will link mobile users with their desktops and online spaces like never before.

Author : Caroline Bright

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