Yoktu.com – PagePal: A Handy Plug-in for Internet Explorer

Yoktu.comYour pagePal is the kind of buddy you just might not be able to live without. pagePal can show you maps, pictures, videos, and what have you, right from inside the page you are browsing; there´s no need to go searching somewhere else, simply turn to your pagePal.

To start all you have to do is add pagePal to your IE favorites; next select some text on any webpage, click on the pagePal link and your pagePal will appear on the screen. From there you can look things up on Google, find videos, wiki a subject or check out prices on eBay. It´s very simple yet quite useful; no installation is required.

Yoktu.com In Their Own Words

“I can instantly show you pictures, videos, maps, prices, people, places and more.

Why Yoktu.com It Might Be A Killer

pagePal makes your web surfing experience even simpler; to find more info on a subject you won´t need to open new windows; your search will take place in the same page. It´s a convenient one stop palette which can be sized/faded to your preference

Some Questions About Yoktu.com

Will this little plug-in gadget get even more customizable? Will people find it useful, or just another add-on that they could do without? Will it be compatible with Mozilla? Yoktu.com