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Yokto.tvA new universal video platform, promises to let users have unified access to all the media they could ever possibly want to watch online. And that is exactly what it delivers. It enables anybody to bring all his favorite online videos under the same roof, and watch them on whichever device he happens to have at hand. Both Flash and HTML5 videos can be played, and it must be mentioned than in addition to supporting virtually every web source currently in existence Yokto can handle the user’s very own S3 hosted videos.


Plus, allows uses to embed all the media that they have collected. Stylish players are used to these purposes, and those who have a certain technical knowledge will even be able to create templates of their very own thanks to Yokto’s Enterprise Player API.

And something which is also very commendable is the way in which links are actually shared, as the provided “YoktoLinks” sharing system makes for taking users back to the sites these links originated from, and not to any third part website. Traffic is going to where it should rightfully be going. In Their Own Words

Collect, show and share videos from all over the web in one simple to manage player

Some Questions About

What about copyrighted material? Isn’t Yokto lagging behind services such as Anvato in that field?

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